New Manager Dashboard

The new Manager Dashboard will be available via MyPack Portal on work computers and laptops starting April 3, 2017. It will give supervisors/managers the ability to view and manage direct line employees. The dashboard will display employee information, JAR transaction status, system alerts, separation information, and pending approvals that require supervisor intervention. The pending approval section will initially display temporary hourly employee names requiring timesheet approval and eventually display all FLSA nonexempt personnel utilizing the new time collection system beginning July 1, 2017.

Accessing the Manager Dashboard

Supervisors will be able to access the manager dashboard through the MyPack Portal. After logging into the portal the supervisor clicks on “For Managers” highlighted below to open the panel. The dashboard will automatically display direct line employee assigned to work for the supervisor through the hiring process.

The following information will provide a description of the options available for the supervisor to manage their direct line reports.

Training Videos

Manager Dashboard Display

The following illustration reflects the dashboard panel. Each grey bar (highlighted) on the panel describes an information section or a section the supervisor can manage for their direct line reports.

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