HR Actions after June 30, 2018

IMPORTANT: Please hold off entering position or job data transactions with an effective date of July 2nd or later. We are awaiting final legislation and guidance regarding salary protocols for fiscal year 2019-20. We will share that information as soon as possible once we receive final directions from the Office of State Human Resources(OSHR) and the UNC System Office. In the meantime, please follow these protocols.

Salary Adjustments Effective July 1

If you receive confirmation of a salary adjustment from HR Classification and Compensation with an effective date of July 1, you can enter and process it. Any salary adjustment with an effective date of July 2 or later should not be entered until further notice.

SHRA Actions

Until further notice — with the exception of hire, separation, retirement, leave-without-pay transactions and distribution changes — do NOT enter any transactions with an effective date on or after July 2, 2018.

SHRA employees should be returned to their “base” salary distribution effective July 1, 2018. The program that processes the legislative increase (LI) will have an effective date of July 1. To ensure that the LI calculates correctly, the base salary and funding source must not change until after the LI process has completed.

EHRA Actions

HRIM will assist HR Classification and Compensation with entering the HR actions for the EHRA faculty rank promotion actions in the system for each college/division. Upon receipt of the finalized faculty promotional increases spreadsheet from the Provost’s Office, HR Classification and Compensation will confirm completion of entries with each college/division.

  • Until further notice — with the exception of new hire, separation, retirement, leave-without-pay transactions and distribution changes — please DO NOT enter ANY transactions with effective dates on or after July 2, 2018.
  • It is recommended that EHRA employees be returned to their “base” salary distribution effective July 1, 2018. If there is an across-the-board LI, this will ensure that the LI calculates correctly based on funding source. However, if this would result in contract/grant funding difficulties, you may elect to wait for further guidance, keeping in mind there may be a short window of time available to enter these distribution changes.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Driver (919-515-7673) or Vance Prince (919-515-4292).


RPT (Rank, Promotion, Tenure) Actions

RPT (Rank, Promotion, Tenure) actions will be processed by the HRIM Team for campus in July. Campus July payroll lockout is 5 PM on Monday, July 16th. HRIM will process all position and pay rate changes, and Appointment and Tenure/Rank panel updates associated with the RPT actions. Pay Rate Change actions will be effective 6/30/2018 while the Position, Rank and Tenure panel changes will be effective 7/1/2018.

June payroll/distributions are set to confirm on Monday, June 25th, at this time campus can begin processing Second Term Reappointments for Assistant Professors (approved through RPT) into the HR system. For assistance with processing these actions and others please visit the HR System Resources section of the HRIM website which can be found through this link: The Second Term Reappointment Assistant Professor guide can be found through this link:

New process for Patent Agreement

Update 6/22/18: Campus will continue to upload a signed Patent Agreement for unpaid hires / rehires (N job codes) to the JAR transaction since these employees do not meet with the Onboarding Center.

Campus will upload the Patent Exception Policy form to JAR Hire/Rehire transactions for paid SHRA / EHRA hire when necessary. For more information regarding the exception form please see the Patent Agreement section on the Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures website.

With the help of EAS and the Office of Technology transfer, we have made the following changes to how the signed patent agreement document is collected from employees through the hire process. The initiator of the JAR process will no longer be required to upload and attach a copy of the signed agreement. A new process within the HR system will now identify the employees that are required to have a patent agreement on file based on their employee class and job code listed in the JAR transaction.

The Onboarding Center will have the new employee review and electronically sign this document during the onboarding appointment.

Patent Agreement Screenshot

The queries below have been created to reflect pending and completed patent agreements.

  • NC_PA_COMPLETED_PATENT: Employees that have signed the electronic patent agreement
  • NC_PA_PENDING_PATENT: Employees that have it as an outstanding item on the new hire checklist.


HRIM Updates – May

Employment Verification Reminder

This is the busiest time of year for employment verification requests. We wanted to provide a quick reminder on the University’s policy regarding verification of employment.

  • If you, or anyone in your departments receives an email or phone call request for employment verification, do not provide verification over the phone. Direct them to call HRIM at 919-515-7929. They will be provided with detailed instructions on how to complete an employment verification.
  • If you receive an email request for an employment verification, forward it to our Records Manager, Erin Amari,
  • Before forwarding a request, make sure that any attachment being sent does not include the employee’s SSN. Per the University’s Data Management policy, SSN cannot be sent using Gmail. If an SSN is in the attachment, delete the attachment before forwarding the email. They will be directed to fax their request, so Erin does not need that attachment. Also, make sure to delete the original email once it has been forwarded.
  • Employees are able to provide reference for someone that they have worked with, but need to be careful not to provide separate employment verification information. A good rule of thumb: If they can answer the question without looking at the employee’s record to find the information, they are good to go. However, no employee should comment on the reason for separation for another employee.

Erin is available to answer any questions you may have regarding employment verification or reference requests. Erin’s direct extension is 3-2572 and her email is


HRIM Updates – April

July Actions

July is almost here which brings with it the Wolf Time system conversion and the possibility of a Legislative Increase. Please hold off on processing Job Data and Position actions for monthly employees in the HR system with an effective date of July 2nd or later with the exception of the following:

  • JAR Hire, Promotion and Transfer transactions
  • Unpaid Leave of Absence
  • Return from UNPAID Leave of Absence
  • Separation or Retirement actions
  • FTE Changes (increase or decrease)

SHRA Nonexempt TKL Assignments

Beginning July 1, 2017, the new Wolf Time system will require SHRA nonexempt staff to clock In/Out. A representative from HRIM (Andy Naylor) will be contacting the college/division level HR Administrators to identify which Time Keeping Location (TKL) the SHRA employees will need to be assigned. Existing TKL’s can be utilized but if new TKL’s are required, the HR Administrators will have to provide updates to Andy Naylor.

JAR Reminders and Updates

The university has been using JAR for over a year now, which has allowed the HRIM Team the time to evaluate our processes. It is our goal to approve transactions in a timely manner to ensure employees receive the necessary access prior to beginning their employment at NC State University. In some instances, there is a delay in the Central Office approval step. HRIM has developed a standardized process for reviewing JAR transactions and determining when it is necessary to push a transaction back to the Initiator.

Examples that require HRIM to push back transactions are:

  • A signed offer letter and addendum is not attached
  • A signed patent agreement is not attached (if applicable)
  • The Hiring Proposal Number (HP# or AC#) is missing or incorrect and hiring documents are not attached
  • Incorrect JAR transaction selected (Promotion vs Transfer)

In all other instances, we will work with the Initiator to review and approve the transactions as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions please contact a HRIM Team Member:

HRIM Updates – March

Employee Self Service Interface Changes

The new Employee Self Service interface is now available via MyPack Portal. Additional information and resource videos can be found at the Human Resources Information Management website:

Manager Dashboard

The new Manager Dashboard will be available via MyPack Portal on work computers and laptops starting April 3, 2017. It will give supervisors/managers the ability to view and manage direct line employees. The dashboard will display employee information, JAR transaction status, system alerts, separation information, and pending approvals that require supervisor intervention. The pending approval section will initially display temporary hourly employee names requiring time sheet approval and eventually display all FLSA nonexempt personnel utilizing the new time collection system beginning July 1, 2017.
For the most up to date information please visit the HR-Human Resources Information Management website:

Summer Session Appointment Guide

Summer hiring and payment procedures is now available. Please visit the Human Resources Information Management website for more information:

JAR Update: Review Job Data Step

The Review Job Data step in the JAR Activity Guide has been added for Promotion and Transfer transactions. This is the same step that is already built into the JAR Activity Guide for Hires. At this step the initiator can make final edits/changes and attach the required documents before submitting the transaction for central office approval. For more information please review the Overview Training Material that can be found on the Human Resources Information Management website:

JAR Update: JAR Transaction Approval Emails

A newly added feature to JAR is approval emails. Now when Hire/Promotion/Transfer transactions are approved in the HR System the initiator and supervisor will receive an auto generated notification email. No action is necessary, this notification is for information purposes only. If you are not receiving the email notifications please check your email settings via Employee Self Service.

Please contact the Human Resources Information Management Team if you should have any questions.

Kaba, System Update, and Daylight Saving Time

HR System Updates

Updates to the HR System will occur this weekend (3/11-12) starting Saturday morning (12 AM) and continue through Sunday evening (6 PM). Visit our HR System Updates page for more information and training.

The KABA wall clocks should still work and the KABA web clock via

Although employees should be able to punch via wall and web clock, please have a backup plan for manual entry in the event your employees are unable to Punch In/Out during the update.

Daylight Saving Time

This weekend starting Sunday March 12th, Daylight Saving Time 2017 will start at 2:00AM.

The time change window is 2:00AM – 2:59AM. Anyone working across the time change window will generate a high exception alarm and must be changed in order to clear the exception. There can be no IN or OUT punches between 2:00AM – 2:59 AM.

To correct the exception error, verify the employee timesheet on the daylight saving time date, and adjust the employee punch time around the 2:00 AM – 3:00 AM time frame. Keep in mind that you need to credit total hours worked within the adjustment.

Please see the examples below:

Example 1

IN 9:57pm
OUT 2:23am

This would be changed in the timesheet as follows:
IN 9:57pm (no change)
OUT 1:59 am — ADD
IN 3:00 am — ADD
OUT 3:23 am — ADD

Example 2

IN 2:01 am
OUT 2:50 am

This would be changed in the timesheet as follows:
IN 1:01 am
OUT 1:50 am

Example 3

IN 12:00 am
OUT 3:00 am

This would be changed as follows:
IN 12:00 am (no change)
OUT 1:59 am (ADD)
IN 3:00 am (ADD)
OUT 4:00 am (ADD)

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact either Andy Naylor or Vance Prince.

HRIM Updates – November

Biweekly Temporary Timesheets Required Supervisor Approval

Beginning October 8 (2R10), all temporary biweekly timesheets, including student workers, must now be approved for payroll processing and payment. Supervisors should approve timesheets the Tuesday following the end of the biweekly cycle.

Supervisors can manage direct report timesheets during the specified pay period and have an additional four days after the pay period, which ends the following Tuesday at 5:00 PM. Any timesheet management outside of the mentioned timeframe will have to be administered by the supporting department timekeeper.  An email notification will be sent the following day after the pay period end date (Saturday) ONLY when direct report timesheets have not been approved.  A second email notification will ONLY be sent the following Tuesday if any of your direct report timesheets have still not been approved. This is the last opportunity (at 5:00 PM) for the supervisor to approve any timesheet data.

For more information regarding KABA, please visit the HRIM website:

Early Payroll Lockout

Just as a reminder, payroll will lockout earlier in November and December due to the holidays. Please check the Payroll Schedules for the deadlines via the Payroll website:

Processing Leave Payments

When an employee separates from the University, their annual and bonus leave is paid out the month after their separation effective date. The web leave system is reflected in minutes; however, when leave payments are processed in the HR system, the time will need to be converted to decimals. A resource to use for converting the time can be found here: Once the time has been converted then the payment can be added to the timesheet. The payment will then route to HRIM for review and approval. Be sure to submit all necessary separation paperwork to your designated HRIM Specialist so the payments can be approved before payroll lockout each month.

JAR Transactions & Attachments

When completing a JAR transaction be sure to select the correct type of request such as Hire, Promotion, or Transfer request. This information should be included on the endorsed hiring proposal received from your Talent Consultant. If the information is not listed then please contact your Talent Consultant for this information.

Just a reminder to use the correct HP (Hiring Proposal) number in the JAR transaction. This can be found on the endorsed hiring proposal email. When the HP number is inserted correctly then the hiring information from the Talent Consultant will automatically be attached to the JAR transaction. Please be sure to also attach all other necessary documents at the Review Job Data step before submitting the transaction for Central Office approval. We are unable to approve JAR requests if the necessary information and documents are not included. If we receive incomplete transactions then we will “Push Back” the requests so you can complete them. Please contact your designated Human Resources Specialist with questions.