What We Do

Human Resource Information Management and Analytics (HRIMA) provides a broad range of university support regarding the HR System including; upgrades, Job Action Request (JAR), time & labor, payable compensation, longevity, prior state service, job data and record management. HRIMA works directly with college divisional HR representatives when processing and investigating HR System transactions.

The HR System is a web-based PeopleSoft application accessible from the MYPACK Portal with a valid unity ID and password. The application supports the information needs of Human Resources (HR), Payroll, Employee Services, Benefits, and Management functions within the university. It merges resource management activities into standardized categories, folders, sub folders, and topics. The linkage of its payroll and human resource activities in the HR System makes the software application both rigid and flexible for processing personnel actions.

HRIMA also maintains personnel records for EHRA and SHRA employees.

HRIMA Staff Directory

Support Areas

HRIMA Specialist support departmental HR personnel with job data or JAR transactions, contact your HRIMA Specialist if you have questions. Training is available through L&OD.

HRIMA assists campus department in the following areas:

For temporary or student employees interested in reviewing your personnel file or needing employment verification for the past five years, contact the HRIMA Records Manager at 919-515-7929.