Board of Governors/Board of Trustees Actions

The Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina system (BOG) is the policy-making body legally charged with the general determination, control, supervision, management, and governance of all affairs of the 16 constituent institutions of the UNC system, including NC State.

The NC State Board of Trustees (BOT) serves as an advisory board to the UNC Board of Governors on matters pertaining to NC State and serves as an advisory board to the chancellor concerning the management and development of NC State.

Some EHRA personnel actions require either the BOG or BOT to approve the request. Examples include:

  • Conferral of Tenure
  • Contract Extension of Head Coaches
  • Emeritus Status (Applies only to SAAO, Tier I)
  • Salary Increase in Excess of 15% and at least $10,000

Note: With questions about whether an EHRA personnel action requires BOG or BOT approval, please contact the EHRA Administration Director, 919-515-4315.

EHRA personnel actions will be considered at regularly scheduled BOG or BOT meetings. To submit a personnel action for approval by the BOG or BOT, Department/Unit officials must: