New Employee Self Service (ESS)

The HR system was updated on March 11th – 12th to support the new Employee Self Service (ESS) and Financial System interface. The new Employee Self Service interface will be available via MyPack Portal on work computers, laptops and smart devices, (iPad, iPhone, Android).

Accessing Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employees will be able to access ESS through the “MyPack Portal/Faculty & Staff” panel. Under Employee Self Service users can click on “Launch Employee Self Service” (highlighted below) from their work computer. Employee Self Service will give users the ability to view and manage changes to their personal, payroll, and benefit information through easy icon/tile navigation.

MyPack Screenshot

Employees can also make ESS the landing page for mobile devices by configuring the landing page preferences through the launch link.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Training Videos

Click on the links below to be directed to training videos, demonstrating how to access Employee Self-Service (ESS) on various devices.

Employee Self-Service Landing Page Options

The following list reflects the options available on the ESS Landing Page. Click on the options you would like to learn more about:


Access for Separated Employees

Access to Employee Self-Service is provided until April 30th of the calendar year following the date of separation for all NCSU employees.

For example, an employee who separated from the University anytime during the current year would have access to employee self-service through April 30th, of the following year.

New Navigation Icons

As a result of the HR System update three navigation icons will be available in the top right portion of the screen for both the MyPack Portal and ESS interfaces: Home, Actions List, and Navigation Bar.

The following information will describe each icon and provide general information: